Annette Milanowski

Revelator Revivalist
Annette carries a revival message that imparts a supernatural lifestyle. On an attempt to commit suicide in her 20's, she had a heavenly encounter that radically transformed her life in knowing she is loved, forgiven, accepted and destined with a purpose. 

In pursuit to know more about the One who changed her life, a personal relationship led her to discover a tangible God who spoke to her in visions, dreams and the supernatural.

Now moving as a prophetic seer, she has witnessed a move of God where the dead have raised, blind eyes open, the lame walk and more!

With a heart to see others step into their kingdom inheritance, she has a passion to impart the truth about dominion, power and authority where miracles, signs and wonders are a part of every day living!
​​Whether small group bible studies, revivals in the United States and African or being featured on Joyce Meyers Television or Ugandan radio, Annette's message remains the same:​​
​     Through the blood of Jesus Christ
   Pursuit of the Father's heart and
         In dwelling one with the Holy Spirit
​All power and authority remains within each of us to see the manifestation of heaven on earth here and now!
ABIDING IN YOUR KINGDOM AUTHORITY Bible Study ~ First Saturday 9:30am

You were created to live heaven on earth! When you understand who you are and your kingdom authority through the blood of Jesus, you will manifest heaven on earth here and now!
January​​ 2018
Jan 13, 2018     Hearing the Voice of God ~ Maricopa AZ

Jan 21, 2018     San Tan Community Church, San Tan Valley AZ
February 2018
Feb 10, 2018     Hearing the Voice of God ~ Maricopa AZ

Feb 23-25'18     Warrior Women Winter Retreat ~ Jehovah Nissi Prayer Center, Prescott AZ Registration Open
April 2018
Apr 27-29'18     Warrior Women Spring Retreat ~ Jehovah Nissi Prayer Center, Prescott AZ Registration Open
"During one of the worship nights, Annette prayed for my arm, which was in a lot of pain due to a vehicle accident. When she prayed for me the pain completely went away! THANK YOU JESUS!
That very same night, God gave me a vision for Annette. I saw her walking through a desolate field very dark and without color. As she was walking I could see that she was so full of life (very colorful) and people were reaching out of the mud, darkness, and despair for the life she carried. When she reached down and touched their hand, they were being brought back to life and being pulled out of the darkness! God is so awesome!" ~ Alyssa W
"When we were praying, I felt an extreme heat come through the room. I felt it was the presence of an angel." ~ Harvey B
"I am so thankful for you. Since I met you my entire relationship with God has been transformed! I'm so blessed to know I am loved and I am enough. I'm so thankful that God brought you into my life to show me truth and clarity. I love you girl. Thank you so much! The closest I have ever been to the presence of God was when you prayed over me and the peace I felt was incredible. It has changed my entire thought and pursuit of him!!" ~Taylor D
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