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to rule and reign
                               in freedom!

Annette Milanowski

Simply put.... I'm just Simply Me ....

I am a free spirited, adventurous, glory abiding girl, who is passionately in love with Jesus! I've been here, there and everywhere. Experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. I've made some major mistakes in my life, but have had the privilege to walk in the redeeming power of God's unconditional love, mercy and grace!

I can go from long flowing gown to jeans and my harley all in the same day carrying the same message of love! (Well not actually, because I don't even own a long, flowing gown.... but if I did, I could!)

I'm a straight talkin, glory shootin, devil destroying, gypsy spirited girl who loves the simple things in life and making friends around the world! Without God I am nothing! With God I have all I will ever need!

I don't claim to know it all, but one thing I do know, God will use every day peeps and those less likely to "look the part". At the end of the day He is just looking for an available vessel! ​The highest 'call' one is given is to share with the world the redeeming power of the cross and the unconditional love of almighty Papa God!

I have accepted that call and daily march forward to proclaim of His goodness and to share His message:
Simply Me
You are Loved....
You are Forgiven....
You are Accepted....
You are Destined with a Purpose!

Up Close and Personal

My personal testimony of overcoming and persevering is my driving force behind why I do what I do today.

Sexual abuse as a young child, street life as a teen, three unplanned pregnancies, the Foster System, drug dependencies, domestic violence and attempted suicide, has lead me on a personal journey of understanding the devastation of rejection, abandonment and hopelessness. Overcoming the odds has allowed me to extend love and acceptance to others, and empower them to find their life purpose through the blood of Jesus Christ.

For 10 years I served as Founder and Executive Director of Women's Crisis Centers in both Michigan and Arizona  providing support, encouragement and education to individuals, the community and around the world. 

In the early years of 2000, I began speaking around the world, on radio and television and stepped into full time ministry teaching and preaching to young and old alike. 

An adoption advocate , self published author and empowerment strategist , I continue to share my life journey, speaking around the world and empowering others to be the best version of self! 

From founding non-profits to world-wide ministries, the message after all these years still remains the same:
  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ is Lord
  • The blood is the redeeming power that sets mankind free
  • Through the blood of Jesus it has given us all the power and authority we need to abide heaven on earth.

YOU are Loved!
YOU are Forgiven!
YOU are Accepted!
YOU are Destined with a Purpose!



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