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Not just your every day subscription, the Kingdom Warrior Care Package will equip you with resources that will transform your every day walk in growing your relationship with God!
How It Works:
Kingdom Warrior Care Packages are prayerfully prepared as the Holy Spirit leads. Bi-monthly the packages will arrive to you with different resources and tools to enhance your daily walk with God as you grow your personal relationship with Him. 

What You Will Receive:
Each package you receive will have 5-7 life empowering, Holy Spirit led items. From Kingdom Warrior apparel to spiritual growth tools we are confident you will be beyond blessed with each package suprise!

When Do I Receive My Care Packages:
The Kingdom Warrior Care Packages ship every other month by the 15th of the month in the following months:
February ~ April ~ June ~ August ~ October ~ December

Subscriptions received by the 10th of the shipping month will receive current package.
Subscriptions received after the 10th of the shipping month will receive the following months package.

For example: Subscriptions received thru February 10th will receive current package.
Subscriptions received after February 10, will receive March/April Care Package. 

Can I Cancel My Subscription:
You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at [email protected] Your cancellation will take effect at the end of your current subscription cycle. Cancellations must be received by the last day of the month prior to the shipment month.

If you are subscribed for the discounted 3 or 6 month subscription, you may cancel anytime during the subscription cycle but you cannot receive a refund for prepaid subscriptions. You will continue to receive your bi-monthly subscription until the end of your subscription cycle. For example, if you join in January and  sign up for the 3 month prepay, then cancel your subscription by end of March you will still receive the April and June care package, but you will not be charged for another 3 months and you will not receive any more care packages after June. 

August Care Package
Tools & Resources to position you for your Kingdom blessings!

Theme:  Humility

A heart of humility aligns us to receive God's very best for us!

This surprise package is jammed packed full of life empowering tools and resources to enhance your life and posture you to walk in favor in every area of your life! 
I feel like a kid opening a Christmas present!
I received my Kingdom Warrior Care Package today! This is not the everyday beauty package, that the world provides. This beauty package is filled with tools for inner beauty!!! Who needs anti-aging cream and beauty products, with these tools you will glow like Jesus!!!  ~ Alicia W, Idaho
Kingdom Warrior Care Package Pricing:
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