Where It Began ...

From wheelchair to walking

It's crazy the impact toxins play on your healthy!
My life has been an eye-opening testament of what toxin-free living can do for a body that is sick in disease.and not functioning properly! 
I truly believe until you have a reason to become knowledgeable, we remain in ignorance and just go along with the flow of what seems acceptable!

Well, that was me anyways!!

When my youngest was born, my new world would definitely cause me to make a choice to "be in the know"!

My son showed signs early on with difficulty walking and different forms of orthotics were used to help him walk. Tremors soon followed, eventually leading to difficulty swallowing.

The title of "special needs" was an understatement! Diagnosis of possible death by the age of 10 was something I was unwilling to embrace or accept! 

I by no means, claim to be a doctor or to be giving medical advice; however, one thing I do know, with knowledge, research, determination and effort on my part, my son's life took a dramatic turn for the better!

So what happened? 

My limited medical assistant background gave me just enough knowledge to ask his doctors questions I'm sure most patients don't ask.
Some annoyed, would walk away shaking their heads! Others, kindly ablidged and shared what they "felt I'd understand".

I spent hours sifting through his medical records using the information the doctors shared, along with medical books, internet, and hours of research, I studied any thing and every thing that pertained to his condition.... from the brain to the nervous system to how all the body parts worked together!  

Hours crying out to God to lead me and guide me, researching, and doing something that went totally against the grain, I chose a natural alternative to health and healing!

I gotta be honest, it was one of the scariest things I've done .... taking my child's deteriorating body into my own hands to try and heal him!

The outcome!

Over a period of time my son went from wheelchair, tremors, discussions of feeding tubes and "keep him medicated until its his time" to now him being in his 20's, walking, thriving and living a healthy, full-functioning life!!

Now grown, my son has total control over his body and what he puts in it and on it! 

In a heartbeat his body will tell him when he isn't keeping it a priority! His body will ache and tremors will try to show their self if he isn't doing what he needs to do to keep everything in order!!

Knowledge is wealth, my friends!

When we give our bodies what they need, they are a healthy working machine!

A lifestyle change will always cause you to have to make adjustments!

Yes, it can be scary; but, with the right resources and tools and someone to walk the journey with you, optimal health and healing is possible!

Everyone deserves to be living their best life! 

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What can you expect?

Support and encouragement by someone who has already traveled where you desire to go! 

A friend and coach to guide you through habit change leading you toward lasting transformation in health, healing and wholeness! 
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My personal journey of living tumor free ...

In 2007, I had 3 tumors surgically removed over an 11 month period of time and was left with the side effects of Tamoxifen and the havoc it played on my body.

In 2009, when I felt my body shift again, I chose natural alternative of nutrition to heal my body!

Ten years later, I remain tumor free, free of the toxins and damage of the Tamoxifen and healthier than I have ever been!

* Your body is was created to heal and thrive!! You hold the key to making that a reality!