Annette carries a revival message that imparts a supernatural lifestyle!
On an attempt to commit suicide in her 20's, she had a heavenly encounter that radically transformed her life in knowing she is loved, forgiven, accepted and destined with a purpose. 

In pursuit to know more about the One who changed her life, a personal relationship led her to discover a tangible God who spoke to her in visions, dreams and the supernatural.

Now moving as a prophetic seer, she has witnessed a move of God where the dead have raised, blind eyes open, the lame walk and more!

With a heart to see others step into their kingdom inheritance, she has a passion to impart the truth about dominion, power and authority where miracles, signs and wonders are a part of every day living!

​​Whether small group bible studies, revivals, television or radio, 
Annette's message remains the same:​​

Through the blood of Jesus Christ,
In pursuit of the Father's heart and
In dwelling one with the Holy Spirit,

​All power and authority remains within each of us to see the manifestation of heaven on earth here and now!

Where It Began ...
Annette’s personal testimony of sexual abuse as a young child, foster homes, street life as a teen, three unplanned pregnancies, drug dependencies, rape, domestic violence and attempted suicide, lead her on a journey where she experienced first hand the devastation of rejection, abandonment and hopelessness.

On an attempt to commit suicide she had a heavenly encounter, where she was instantenously delivered from drugs, her heart wrecked with God's love and the life she once knew, was radically transformed!

On a quest to understand what had happened to her, she discovered an unquenchable thirst that would lead her to an intimate relationship with the One who had set her free!  

Her journey led her to open doors to reach others, like herself, who were in dire need to hear the truth so they too could be set free! 

Her message simple:
They were loved unconditionally, no strings attached.
Jesus Christ came to set them free.
They were forgiven, accepted and destined with a purpose!

For ten years Annette served as Founder and Executive Director in Women's Crisis Centers in Michigan and Arizona working with women in unplanned pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, dometic abuse, addiction and rape. 

As a pro-life speaker and adoption advocate she worked in the trenches with women in crisis as well as at the political level in education. 

Her ability to connect with people of all ages and ethnicity, positioned her for opportunities to reach a mass audience where she has been in full time ministry since 2007.

From one-on-one to over 20,000 people in an overnight crusade, she has spoken around the world, as well as on radio and television empowering others to live to their full potential, maximizing their quality of life and stepping into their life purpose!
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