Where It Began ...​​
My personal journey of sexual abuse as a young child, foster homes, street life as a teen, three unplanned pregnancies, drug dependencies, rape, domestic violence and attempted suicide, lead me on a journey where I experienced first hand the devastation of rejection, abandonment and hopelessness.

On an attempt to commit suicide I had a heavenly encounter, where I was instantenously delivered from drugs, my heart wrecked with God's love, and the life I once knew, was radically transformed!

On a quest to understand what had happened to me, I discovered an unquenchable thirst that would lead me to an intimate relationship with the One who had set me free!  

My journey led me to open doors to reach others, like myself, who were in dire need to hear the truth so they too could be set free! 

For ten years I served as Founder and Executive Director in Women's Crisis Centers in Michigan and Arizona working with women in unplanned pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, dometic abuse, addiction and rape. 

As a pro-life speaker and adoption advocate I worked in the trenches with women in crisis as well as at the political level in education. 

My ability to connect with people of all ages and ethnicity, positioned me for opportunities to reach a mass audience where I have been in full time ministry since 2007.

From one-on-one to over 20,000 people, I have spoken around the world, as well as on radio and television empowering others to live in their full potential! 

For over 20 years, my heart has remained full as I have had the privilege to walk along side others sharing my personal and professional experience, equipping them to live healthy and whole in mind, body and spirit!                               
  Fun Facts About Me ...​​
I have been dubbed by many as "out of the box!"
I enjoy this life I live as a non-conformist! Don't worry! I'm not one of those weird, crazy people! 
It's just the politically correct way to say, I don't go along with the crowd just to have friends!
It's too exhausting trying to be what everyone else wants me to be!
I find it liberating to be an ORIGINAL, just little ole me, being me!

I love to spend time alone!
Because I naturally bend toward edifying and lifting others up on a daily basis, it is easy for my cup to become empty! In my alone time (which is 15 minutes here and 30 minutes there) the quiet, self reflection, worshiping and just focusing on what keeps my cup full, allows me to stay in balance and keep me focused on my personal self care! 

I love my Harley!
I love the wind in my hair, the spontaneous adventures with my husband, and taking in all the beauty of this amazing world we live in!

I was a Professional Ballroom Dancer!
Aka mental therapy that turned passion!

I was a Homeschool Mom!
Who would of ever thought!!! One of the best decisions I ever made and one of my greatest blessings! 

I love to travel!
I have already traveled half of the U.S. including Africa and Europe. 

I don't like to cook, clean, or anything domesticated; unless of course, it has to do with diy or interior design!
Don't get me wrong, I'm a health nut, and love my house nice and tidy, but that is what Chefs and Housekeepers are for, right?                                                                
Be Brave ~ Be True ~ Be YOU!